Eva Design System

Customizable Design System easily adaptable to your Brand. Available for Sketch and Figma with Mobile and Web component libraries.

Eva Design System has implementations for React Native and Angular UI libraries that are Open Source and free! You just need to get one package for both software solutions without overcharge.

Design System
Eva Dark: Figma 1.3
Easily design dark mode for your apps. Improved readability of text, better contrast, reduced eye fatigue and more.

Available for Figma

Design System
Eva Light: Figma 1.3
Design from mobile to desktop with fully responsive components. Eva Icons set included.

Available for Figma

UI KIT: Healthcare
Digital Clinic
Digital Clinic contains 150+ general-purpose and healthcare-specific mobile screens designed with the best UX/UI practices.

Available for Sketch


Found Any Of These Products Useful?

We can develop each of them according to your individual business needs and goals. Feel free to send us a request.


EVA based on Atomic Design Principles. All components are built on basic elements with shared styles, connected with a single visual language. It provides a simple way to customize it for your product, but preserve consistency between all components.




Layer Styles


Text Styles




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Design + Code

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No need to spend thousands of hours for implementation, testing and maintenance. Eva is supported by well known Angular and React Native UI component libraries. More to come.

Web Components

Nebular is an Angular UI Library with 40+ UI components, 4 visual themes, Auth and Security modules.

Mobile Components

UI Kitten is a React Native UI Library that allows you creating stunning multi-brand cross-platform mobile applications.

Design + Code = Process

Tired of simple color change taking weeks to communicate it across teams and adopt by the applications? Eva comes with a built-in flawless styles update process saving time and efforts by removing repetitive work.

Single Source of Truth

Consistency across platforms, design and development teams, avoidance of repetitive work, clear and straightforward communication flow are the key qualities Eva brings to your product.

Concentrate on Ideas, not on implementation

Eva comes as a unified ecosystem of tools and products, from Sketch file and implementations for React Native and Angular to Drag & Drop interface builder. Focus on the right things, let Eva handle the rest.


Looking for more? Take a step into the future with Eva Design System made for web and mobile and supercharged with magic tools.

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